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PH Meter

A pH is a scientific instrument which is used to measure acidity or alkalinity of a solution, measured on a scale of 0 to 14.

It is also referred as potentiometric pH meter.

We are one of the leading dealer, distributor of ph meter in Mumbai India made to target for routine pH measurement applications.

Product Brand :-
  • Arvind Industrial

Environmental Operating Conditions

Operation :- Indoor

Temperature :- Ambient to 45°C

Relative Humidity :- 5% to 90% Non-condensing

Features :- automatic temperature compensator, instruction manual, guarantee card, dust cover, mains cord, combination electrode, electrode stand with clamp, Buffers of pH4 & pH7, KCL

Technical Specification

Range​ : 0-14pH / ±1999mV

Accuracy : ±0.01pH / ±1mV

Resolution : ±0.05pH / 1 digit

Temperature Compensation : Automatic / 0°C to 100°C manual

Input Impedance : 1012 0hms

Probe : combination pH electrode

Display : LED Seven Segment 3½ Digits 12.7mm

Input : BNC

Power : 50Hz 230V

Dimensions : 210mm × 70.3mm × 190mm

Weight : 1260gm

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